Netoil Offshore Oil Company comprehensively covers all aspects of well cementing. Cement slurry stems and schemes are fully optimized by the latest engineering designs and simulation software to efficiently custom-fit downhole conditions. In addition to a series of cementing equipment, tools, and accessories, NOOC possesses wide variety of advanced cementing technologies, cement slurry systems, and cement additives of self-own brand. NOOC has great flexibility in meeting the heavy demands of both conventional operations and those with unique and complex geological conditions.

Service Capability:

  • Cementing engineering design and software simulation
  • Cementing operations execution and supervision
  • Cementing equipment and tools leasing
  • Casing accessories supply
  • Cement slurry assaying and analysis
  • Cement and additives inspection and supply
  • R&D capability of additives and cement slurry systems

Advanced Cementing Technology:

  • HTHP well cementing
  • Deepwater cementing
  • Lost-circulation prevention cementing
  • Extended-reach horizontal well cementing
  • Thermal-recovery well cementing
  • CO2 / H2S resistant cementing
  • Gas migration control cementing
  • High pressure salt and gypsum formation cementing
  • Self-healing cementing