Marine Seismic Acquisition

Netoil Offshore Oil Company has proven itself to be a leading seismic service provider with specialized equipment operated by competent crews, and is also widely acclaimed by its clients around the world.

NOOC currently operates 3D vessels, 2D vessels, dedicated source vessels, Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) teams, which can provide annual performance capacities of 45 000 km2 3D, 20 000 km 2D, and 1000 km2 for OBC.

Marine Seismic Service Capability

  • 2D/3D conventional seismic survey

High-density Seismic Survey

  • 4D seismic survey
  • OBC/4C seismic survey
  • Broadband seismic survey
  • Under shooting / long offset shooting
  • Over/under streamer and source acquisition
  • Wide-azimuth seismic data survey
  • Multiple-azimuth seismic data survey

Seismic Data Processing & Interpretation

Operating with advanced equipment, hardware, and software by experienced teams, NOOC can process the seismic data of approximately 40 000 km2 3D and 100 000 km 2D on a year and its interpretation capacity of approximately 2500 km2 3D on a year.

Seismic Data Processing Service Capability

  • Survey evaluation design: based on geological requirements, acquisition parameters and acquisition operational design
  • Offshore seismic data processing: seismic data processing and quality control
  • Seismic data in-house processing: shallow water multiple elimination, deep water multiple elimination, acquisition footprint elimination, Q-guided wavelet domain de-absorption, multi-survey merging processing, OBC processing technique, high-density data processing, wide azimuth/multiple azimuth processing, broadband data processing, and PSDM processing techniques
  • Seismic data interpretation: 2D seismic data integrated interpretation, 3D seismic data interpretation, post-stack seismic attribute analysis, AVO attribute analysis, post-stack inversion and reservoir analysis, pre-stack inversion and fluid detection, integrated processing and interpretation techniques, integrated geological research