Marine Survey & Geotechnical Investigation

Netoil Offshore Oil Company operates a fleet with specialized survey and geotechnical drilling vessels, which is all fitted with specialized survey equipment and cutting-edge geotechnical surveying facilities, some are equipped with DP II system. This gives NOOC the ability to provide integrated, specialized services including project design, data acquisition, processing, interpretation, engineering analysis, and engineering reports and all of them is for working water depth to 3 000 m.

Geo-technical Service Capability

  • Offshore geophysical site survey: bathymetry, topographic, sub-bottom profiling, digital seismic profiling, and magnetic surveying
  • Offshore geotechnical investigation: drilling and sampling, gravity coring, in-situ testing (cone penetration testing, vane shear, T-bar, shear wave velocity testing, etc.), laboratory soil testing; geotechnical engineering analysis and assessment (for fixed platform, mobile drilling platform, submarine pipeline, subsea structure, etc.)
  • Marine environmental investigation: tidal current and tidal level observation and analysis; water temperature and mud temperature measurement and analysis; investigation and evaluation of corrosion factors in seawater and sediment
  • Deepwater Engineering Survey – the survey of Deep towed system, ROV, AUV, Deepwater Seabed CPT, Deepwater Borehole Sampling, JPC, and related assessment
  • Offshore engineering support: vessel support services (IMR projects, ROV operation, and Saturation driving)
  • Consulting: engineering survey planning and design, engineering computing, feasibility studies for offshore construction, other offshore/onshore engineering survey technical services

Subsea Engineering

Rental service: offshore vessels, special equipment, and technical personnel;

Inspection, maintenance and evaluation state for the offshore platforms, vessels, pipeline, manifold and structures and facilities of onshore terminal;

Service for Subsea Umbilical, Riser and Flowline:

  • Route survey
  • Flexible laying
  • Trenching and blackfill
  • Free Span treatment
  • Pipeline inspection

Service for Mooring System:

  • Anchor deployment
  • Mooring chain/wire laying and tensioning
  • Hooking-up
  • Inspection and repair

Service for Subsea Production System:

  • Subsea Xmas Tree installation
  • PLEM/PLET installation
  • Jumper installation
  • Hydro/elec. Flying lead installation
  • Intervention