Netoil Offshore Oil Company is an integrated oilfield services provider with many years of experience in operation covering each phase of oil and gas exploration, development and production. With its four core business segments of geophysical and surveying services, NOOC not only provides services of single operations for the customers, but also offers integrated package and turkey services. NOOC business activities are conducted in all the world.

NOOC has been deploying services assets over the life cycle of an oil & gas field: exploration, development and drilling, production and decommissioning phases.

NOOC is a ship & offshore support vessel (AHTS, PSV and CSV) owner & charterer, an offshore drilling rig contractor and an integrated oil & gas field services provider.

Utility tug, FSIV & crew boats, AHT, AHTS, ASD, accommodation, maintenance & platform supply vessels, offshore drilling rigs & services: directional drilling, drilling fluids, cementing, mud logging, bit, coring, well testing, coiled tubing, perforation, logging, HSEQ and drilling logistics.

Business Scope: Exploration – Development – Production

Geophysical and Surveying Services

  • Offshore seismic acquisition, Seismic data processing and interpretation, offshore surveying, subsea engineering services
  • 3D vessels, 2D vessel, dedicated source vessel, Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) teams, offshore engineering survey vessels and multifunctional support vessels

Drilling Services

  • Providing the operation of offshore drilling, land drilling, module drilling rigs and the management for drilling rigs
  • Possessing drilling rigs, including jack-up rigs, semi-submersible rigs, accommodation rigs and modular rigs, which are capable to operate in water depth from 15ft to 10000ft

Well Services

  • An integrated suite of well services, comprised of reservoir engineering, program designing, product manufacturing and onsite operations services
  • Providing related technology services, such as Logging, drilling and completion fluids, direction drilling, mud logging, well testing, cementing, well completion, workover and oilfield production optimization, etc.

Marine Support and Transportation Services

  • Owns professional offshore working and support vessels, including anchor-handling tug/supply vessels (AHTS), platform supply vessels (PSV), multi-purpose vessels, barges, and shuttle-tankers
  • Providing a comprehensive range of vessel services, such as anchor-handling, towing, supply, oil lifting, transportation, stand-by (guard-ship), firefighting, rescue, oil-spill assistance and workover support

Integrated Services

NOOC is an all-round offshore oilfield services company that possesses a comparatively complete service chain and covers every phase of oil and gas exploration, development, and production. NOOC has become one of the few integrated oilfield services providers that can provide integrated and turnkey services to customers worldwide.

With a reliable guarantee of experienced elite staff, NOOC is capable of providing integrated services for drilling design, budget planning, field operations and well completion reporting, site surveying, towing, positioning, drilling, cementing, mud servicing, wire-line logging, direction drilling, mud logging, well completion servicing, acid and fracture servicing, EOR, well testing, coring, ROV, fishing, communicating, and after industry-related tasks, all of which are designed to effectively control risk factors and costs and enable NOOC to successfully satisfy clients time-sensitivity and cost-reduction requirements.

Advance Planning:

Research & Analysis: Geologic Design, Basic Drilling Design, Offset Well Data

Schematic Design: Technical Proposal, Commercial Quotation

Project Preparation:

Contracts Management: Main Contract, Subcontracts

Resources Allocation: IPM Team, Engineering Program Construction, Material Procurement

Execution & completion:

Organization & Execution: Onsite Operation, Logistic Support

Ending & summary: Completion Report Submission, Customer revisit

  • Site Survey
  • Positioning
  • Vessels
  • Drilling
  • Drilling Fluid
  • Cementing
  • Directional Drilling
  • Logging
  • Mud Logging
  • Well Test
  • Data Transmission
  • Casting Running
  • Down-hole Tools
  • Drilling String
  • Cutting Recovery
  • Subsea Engineering
  • Accommodation
  • Logistic Support
  • Others