Netoil Offshore Oil Company has the capability to offer complete-package services to its customers, including wireline logging, MWD/LWD, cased-hole service, VSP, data processing and interpretation.

Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD)

Thoroughly experienced engineering staff employs advanced MWD/LWD equipment, NOOC can offer directional logging data, with a variety of parameters, acquired during the drilling process, that can meet customer-demands for formation evaluation, well-placement, downhole drilling-tool state monitoring, and many other related requirements.

  • The real-time engineering parameters, including inclination, azimuth, tool-face, drilling-tool vibration monitoring, drilling pressure (annulus pressure, pressure-in-drill-string monitoring), caliper surveying, and related requirements.
  • The high-quality formation evaluation parameter data are saved in the downhole tools, and can be downloaded for post-operation analysis: natural gamma ray, resistivity, litho-density, neutron porosity, Acoustic Logging While Drilling (ALWD), formation testing

Open-holde Wireline Logging

NOOC technically-advanced enhanced logging imaging system and an inventory of customary equipment, are supported by NOOC well-experienced professional logging teams, who can provide NOOC customers with excellent choices of wireline logging service solutions.

Wireline Logging Service Capability

  • Natural gamma ray and spectrometry logging
  • Spontaneous potential logging
  • Resistivity logging
  • Litho-density logging
  • Neutron logging
  • Acoustic logging and cross-dipole acoustic array logging
  • Formation pressure testing and fluid sampling
  • Rotary sidewal coring
  • Acoustic resistivity imaging logging
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance logging
  • Other alternative technologies

Data Processing and Interpretation

NOOC Data Processing and Interpretation Center (DPIC) specializes in comprehensive geological applications analysis and borehole data processing and interpretation. From a variety of available logging data processing and interpreting services, data analysis, geological study, processing and interpreting services, data analysis, geological study, processing and interpreting software products, reservoir productivity forecasting, comprehensive reservoir evaluating and cement-bond evaluation are frequent NOOC customer choices.

Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP)

NOOC is equipped with advanced VSP acquisition equipment which comprises multilevel digital well seismometer and ground operation systems. The VSP Center is responsible for data acquisition and processing.

VSP Service Capability

  • Check-shot survey
  • Zero-offset VSP
  • Offset VSP
  • Walkaway VSP
  • 3D VSP
  • Downhole micro seismic fracture monitoring for CBM and similar well applications

Cased-hole Services

NOOC help customers monitor the dynamic characteristics of the reservoir and casing/tubing integrity by production logging, perforation, well integrity and other downhole engineering services, which also help to optimize the oilfield development and production.

  • Production logging: Production profile logging, injection profile logging, oxygen activated logging, residual oil saturation monitor, horizontal well dynamic monitor and relevant data processing and interpretation
  • Perforation: Perforation optimization design, downhole string vibration load prediction, wireline perforation, multi-stage perforation
  • Well integrity: Cement bond logging, casing/tubing inspection, leak detection
  • Engineering services: Free Point Indicator (FPI), back-off, jet cutting, chemical cutting, junk basket, down hole tractor

Data Processing and Interpreting (DPI) Services Capability

  • On-site conventional logging data quick processing & interpretation
  • Imaging-logging and comprehensive data application
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance logging data processing and interpretation
  • Cross-dipole acoustic array logging
  • Production logging data processing and interpretation
  • Reservoir performance monitoring data analysis
  • Tubing and casing inspection
  • Vertical seismic profile (VSP) data processing and interpretation
  • Horizontal well logging data processing and interpretation
  • Unconventional tight gas, CBM and shale-gas logging data processing and interpretation
  • Reservoir fracturing effect and micro-seismic monitoring integrated service